Tatiana Kolesnikova
Founder of the Company, Educational Content Writer
Having become interested in Japanese culture, I began to independently study Japanese at the age of 40, passed the JLPT exam level N2, then graduated from the Tokyo College of Foreign Languages ​​with a degree in Business Japanese. Currently I study Ikenobo Ikebana, where I reached the qualification of  3rdGrade Instructor (JUNKAKYO).

My desire is to convey to everyone the beauty of the Japanese language as well as depth and richness of Japanese culture. I believe that the study of a foreign language encompasses much more than simply studying grammar, vocabulary, and translation. It is also a new knowledge of the world, expansion of your own boundaries and it is crucial to study the culture and traditions of Japan along with the language. 
Alisa Salikova
UI/UX Designer
Petr Tumarkin
Consultant and Educational materials Curriculum  
Expert in Japanese studies
Mihoko Harada
Educational materials writer/editor

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Timur Valiev
Product manager
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Project manager